Don't fight the feeling...

it's too natural

18 October 1984
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I was raised by a pack of stray poodles outside of a garbage dump on the south side of Ann Arbor Michigan. As I child I faced many hardships, flees, rabies, ticks, and feeding from my den mothers teet until the age of nine. At 15 I rebelled against my upbringing an began to socialize with the humans. In this new and bizarre subculture I developed an affinity for eating disorders, drug abuse, boozing, and late night carousing. At 17 ran away from the garbage dump nest looking for love in all the wrong places. I was the quintessential stray with out a place to sleep. I was the antithesis of the freedom that I craved. My irresponsibility and indecorous behavior put me back into the place I did not want to be. I was still being controlled, but this time by my rapid transgress into a lonely child. Whatever...